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Apple Watch Series 2 42mm & 38mm

Discover the fusion of style and functionality with the Apple Series 2, available in 42mm and 38mm sizes, a perfect fusion of style and functionality. This series enhances your wristwear with advanced features such as GPS tracking and water resistance. Whether you're exploring new paths or staying organized, the Apple Series 2 empowers you to live life to the fullest.

Series 2

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The Apple Watch Series 2 redefines how you stay connected, active, and on top of your schedule. Explore the features that make the Series 2 a versatile and practical accessory. With improved water resistance, the Series 2 is ready for aquatic adventures, from swimming to water sports. Navigate your world confidently with the built-in GPS that provides accurate location tracking during outdoor activities.


Apple Watch Series 2 42mm: Bold Design, Enhanced Visibility

The 42mm variant of the Series 2 offers a larger display and advanced capabilities, catering to those seeking immersive experiences.


Ample Display:

The 42mm model provides a spacious screen for easy interaction with notifications, apps, and complications.


Powerful Performance:

With a dual-core processor, the Series 2 42mm delivers faster performance and smoother multitasking.


Apple Watch Series 2 38mm: Compact Style, Functional Simplicity

The 38mm version of the Series 2 encapsulates style and functionality in a compact package, perfect for those who prefer a smaller wristwatch.


Elegant Design:

The 38mm model retains the sleek design of the Series 2, with a smaller profile that suits various styles and occasions.


Effortless Connectivity:

Stay effortlessly connected with the Series 2 38mm, managing calls, texts, and notifications with ease.


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